DBA (University of America, USA)

About University of America

  • The UA is a chartered university accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) and registered with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) under the Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013, Part IV, Section 20(h) and Statutory Instrument No. 25 of 2016, to grant bachelors, Masters, professional doctorate and PhD degrees at par with US regional accreditation. Hence, UA degrees are evaluated by the US credential evaluation agencies and used in the US as regional accredited degrees for all government and private sector jobs and for further studies in all US colleges and universities.
  • The University of America also known as University Foundation of America / Fundacion Universidad de America (FUA) Bogota, DC. is accredited by the Ministerio de Educacion Nacional (CO). Codigo # 1715. Certifica: RL-01955-2008 and Listed in the International Association of Universities` Worldwide Database of Higher Education Institutions, Systems & Credentials, as: University Foundation of America, Colombia (Fundacion Universidad de America (FUA))
  • The UA is accredited by ATHE LTD with recognized Centre ID: 946. ATHE is a U.K is national Awarding and accrediting body recognized by the UK Government through the OFqual with the Ofqual Recognition Number RN5344, for all Law, Business Management and Administration, Computing, Health and Social Care, Health Management, Travel and Tourism and related programs. For more information see www. athe.co.uk

Doctor of Business Administration awarded by University of America

DBA7001 Human Resources Management 3 Credits
DBA7002 Personnel Training Development 3 Credits
DBA7003 Customer Service and Relationship Management 3 Credits
DBA7004 Inventory, Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3 Credits
DBA7005 Meeting, Conference and Event Management 3 Credits
DBA7006 Team Building 3 Credits
DBA7007 Talent and Performance Management 3 Credits
DBA7008 Business Writing 3 Credits
DBA7009 Business Communications 3 Credits
DBA7010 Research Skills 3 Credits
DBA7011 Public Speaking and Relations 3 Credits
DBA7012 Employee Accountability and Dispute Resolution 3 Credits
DBA7013 Dissertation (120 pages) 9 Credits

Duration & Price

Start Date: Anytime
Duration: 1-3 years – Distance Learning
Price: US$6,500
Deadline: NIL

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Admission Application

Please send us below documents to admission@acet.education if you are interested in studying with us:

  1. Scanned copy of your passport bio-page
  2. Scanned copy of your academic credentials
  3. Soft copy of your CV
  4. Complete UA application form (Download [Here])
It is a matter of discretion for individual employers whether to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.